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68 Christmas Appetizers Ideas to Deliver Joy at First Bite

Whatever your holiday entertaining plans, from a cozy get-together to a bigger bash, you need easy, fun Christmas appetizers to get the party started

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This holiday season I’m planning to throw — and attend — a couple of traditional holiday parties, and I couldn’t be more excited. My husband’s Italian-American family Christmas party will happen just like it used to. My husband, teenage son, and I will also invite a few close friends to ring in the New Year a little early with an all-apps party, with small plates galore.

For each of our holiday gatherings, we’ll choose some easy Christmas appetizer recipes. Savory pastries, cheese dips and cheese balls, deviled eggs, antipasto … It’s hard not to feel holiday cheer when I’m looking at an array of nibbles.

How do I decide which appetizer recipes to make? For a big party, I like to keep things balanced. So there’s always a vegetarian appetizer, there’s always something creamy and cheesy, there’s always a crunchy option, and there are always pigs in a blanket (my son would kill me if I dared to leave them off the menu). Then there are dip recipes to think about. And for good measure, I include a cheese board with charcuterie, fruit, nuts, olives, and crackers.

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Quick and easy Christmas appetizers 

Nothing gets even a mini holiday party going faster than an appetizer you can pull together lickety-split. These four options are about assembly rather than cooking.

Holiday Yogurt Dip with Pomegranate

What happens when you strain the liquid out of plain yogurt overnight? You get labneh, a thick cheese spread kind of like cream cheese. Drizzle with olive oil, scatter some pomegranate seeds on top (they remind me of ornaments on a Christmas tree), and serve with crackers or veggies.

Easy Christmas appetizers: finger foods

Whether you’re feeding kids or adults, everyone loves party appetizers you can eat with your fingers. Christmas hors d’oeuvres fall in this category, of course; though the definitions get a little fuzzy, some people think of hors d’oeuvres as appetizers, only smaller. Each one should take just a bite or two to eat. 

Creamy Blue Cheese and Red Onion Crostini

Yummly Original

Crostini are miniature open-faced sandwiches — in my opinion, the perfect appetizer. This recipe has two parts: First you top toasted baguette slices with a creamy combo of blue cheese and cream cheese. Then you add a spoonful of caramelized onion jam and a parsley leaf for contrast. 

Yummly Original
Yummly Original
Yummly Original

Cute Christmas appetizers 

Generally speaking, I don’t like to get too fussy with my party appetizers. But I can’t resist making a few recipes in the shape of a Christmas tree. There’s even a Christmas tree cheese ball!

Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Pizza Bread 

Yummly Original

Talk about a show-stopper: Store-bought pizza dough gets topped with pesto, pancetta, mozzarella, and Parmesan. Then a little creative cutting turns it into a Christmas tree with “branches” to pull off and eat. It’s hearty enough for a main course at Christmas dinner, too — just add a salad.

Traditional holiday appetizers

Some appetizer recipes seem to appear at every Christmas party I attend. And with good reason: They’re delicious, easy crowd-pleasers. Shrimp cocktail definitely falls in this category. So does one of my favorites, cheesy baked brie recipes; I’ve included several options. Elegant but simple to pull off, a warm wheel of brie just begs you to dig in with a cracker (or two, or three). I’ve also included some other all-time favorite appetizer recipes here, such as spinach-artichoke dip and pigs in a blanket.

Phyllo-Wrapped Baked Brie

Yummly Original

Gooey, cheesy, and gloriously messy: A honey-drizzled wheel of brie, encased in flaky phyllo dough and baked until the outside gets crispy and the inside gets melty. I think I’ll serve this with cranberry sauce for a sweet-tart contrast.

Yummly Original
Yummly Original

Make-ahead Christmas appetizers

Even a casual, immediate-family-only holiday party takes a little work, so I like to include at least one Xmas appetizer I can make ahead of time. My two favorite categories are cheese balls and meatballs. Cheese balls are the perfect holiday appetizer. They look impressive, but they’re so easy a child can make them. And I love eating teeny-tiny meatballs with toothpicks — I swear I could eat an entire batch myself. You can make meatballs and sauce days ahead of time, then combine to reheat before serving.

Cranberry Pecan Cheese Ball

All the flavors of the holiday season come together in one beautiful ball. Cranberries, pecans, and parsley coat a sphere that features cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and scallions. Somebody pass me a cracker.


Christmas appetizers for kids

Now, I know I said that Christmas tree-shaped appetizers were cute. But if you want to thrill the kids in your life, it helps to get seriously cute. I dare you to make these fun Christmas appetizers and not smile.

Santa Hat Appetizer

Who knew you could pack so much personality into a bite-sized tidbit with just four ingredients? Top a rectangular cracker with a piece of cheese and add a red pepper triangle. Pipe on some tiny cream cheese pompoms, and you’ve got Santa hats no kid can resist. 

Crispy Christmas appetizers

It’s not really a party without something that crunches when you bite into it. Sometimes achieving a crispy texture means frying, but not always.

Loaded Tater Tot Cup Appetizers

Yummly Original

If there’s a tastier way to use tater tots, I can’t think of it. These get baked, smashed into cups, baked a little longer, and then filled with all the fixin’s, including cheese, sour cream, bacon, and green onions. It’s impossible to eat just one.

Italian Christmas appetizers

Like I said, my husband’s family is Italian-American. He didn’t grow up celebrating the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve, as some Italian families do, but man, does he know a thing or two about putting together an antipasto tray.

Christmas Wreath Antipasto Skewers

I don’t know about you, but I take one look at this gorgeous display and think “party.” I can totally see my son having a blast loading baby mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, salami, olives, and other Italian goodies onto skewers.

Healthy Christmas appetizers

They say that most Americans gain a pound every holiday season — and most never lose it. So I like to keep things in check by including a health-conscious option or two along with the cheesy indulgences. Check out these appetizers suitable for dietary restrictions including vegetarian and vegan, paleo, keto, and gluten-free.

Vegetarian and vegan Christmas appetizers

Whether you’re feeding someone on a plant-based diet or you just like Meatless Mondays, these vegan and vegetarian Christmas appetizers are a smart addition to your holiday table.

Spicy Vegan Stuffed Grape Leaves

I love stuffed grape leaves, but I rarely make them at home. What better time than for a holiday party? We’re not vegan, so I might add crumbled feta to the filling for some tangy zing.

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Paleo Christmas appetizers

Appetizers that focus on lean animal protein, fruits, and vegetables can be mighty tasty indeed.

Prosciutto and Cantaloupe Appetizers

Melon and prosciutto are a classic combination — the sweet fruit and salty ham play so nicely together. Make it bite-sized, served on toothpicks, and you’ve got a perfect party appetizer.

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Keto Christmas appetizers

Just because you or a loved one is living low-carb, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in style.

Easy Antipasti Appetizers

These are adorable and surprisingly elegant, considering how little effort they take. First, bake slices of salami in a muffin tin to make savory, crispy-edged cups. Then fill them with chopped artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, and basil.

Gluten-free Christmas appetizers

It’s crucial for people with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity to avoid gluten. Each of these options is naturally gluten-free.

Festive Olive Wreath Appetizer

Is this not a thing of beauty? And it couldn’t be simpler: Lay down sprigs of herbs around the edges of a round platter, then top with a variety of olives, spicy-sweet peppadew peppers, and chunks of feta cheese. 

Yummly Original

Bonus #1: More puff pastry appetizer recipes

I always keep a box of puff pastry in my freezer. It’s so versatile! Seriously, you can make a lot of different appetizers with a sheet of frozen puff pastry.

Mango Chicken Puffs Appetizers

Cute little rectangles of puff pastry sandwich creamy mango chicken salad. Mango chutney is the secret ingredient, and it adds such a delicious twist with so little effort.

Bonus #2: More holiday dip recipes

The fastest way to signal a celebration: Lay out some dips, chips, and crudites. A flavorful, scoopable dip puts everyone in a festive mood.

Favorite Texas Queso Dip

Yummly Original

Fire-roasted tomatoes, pickled jalapeños, and pantry spices give this queso dip lots of personality. It goes together in a snap — and comes out nice and silky — thanks to the American cheese.

Yummly Original

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