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If you're looking for rich and creamy or delicious and dreamy non-dairy recipes, you've landed in the right spot! Dairy-free doesn't mean flavor-free. If you follow special diets like keto, paleo, or gluten-free, you know something about how restrictive recipe research is. For others, trying to figure out what products are dairy-free or what lactose intolerant people can eat for breakfast can be an adventure. Whether you're cutting back on your fat intake or you're cooking for lactose-sensitive…

diners, coming up with satisfying meals that don't have milk or cheese is easy on Yummly.

Dairy-Free Breakfast & Snack Recipes

If you're trying to figuring out what breakfast items and what snacks are dairy-free, you can start with vegan recipes. They don't use any animal products, so they are safe for people who are lactose intolerant. There are recipes for things like crepes and tofu scrambles, but if those don't appeal to you, there are plenty of options that use milk substitutes. For instances, the secret ingredient in non-dairy overnight oats is almond milk (coconut milk works too!). Oatmeal raisin breakfast cookies and chocolate peanut butter breakfast smoothies are both non-dairy recipes for kids or adults that work for breakfast and snacks.

Dairy-Free Lunch & Dinner Recipes

It's a little easier to figure out what foods have no dairy in them for lunch and dinner. Roasted cauliflower needs little more than a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of spices for a satisfying meal. Dairy-free casserole recipes are harder to find because cream of mushroom soup is a common ingredient. However, creamy garlic spaghetti squash casserole and dairy-free tuna noodle casserole are options. Regular sweet and sour chicken or pork recipes don't require milk or cheese. If you're looking for dairy-free lunch ideas for work, any of those recipes make great leftovers.

Dairy-Free Dessert Recipes

Dessert that doesn't use milk or heavy cream creates a bit of a challenge, but lactose-free dessert recipes do exist! Chocolate pudding can be made with avocado or chia seeds to create that smooth and creamy texture pudding is known for. If you want to be bold, you could try non-dairy strawberry ice cream or peanut butter cookies and throw in dark chocolate chips for chocolate lovers. Want to try something fancy? Brown sugar meringues and French toast souffle are impressive desserts that don't call for milk, cream, or butter.

From delicious dinners to indulgent desserts -- not all memorable meals have to be made with dairy. Discover thousands of the best non-dairy recipes for every meal right here.

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