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Add the Yum Button

Add a Yum button to your website to help your viewers save recipes to Yummly. Your recipes will be searchable by over 15 million users per month.

  1. Copy the HTML code shown in the box
  2. Access your site’s code (or your blog’s template editor tools).
  3. Add the Yum Button HTML code.
  4. Review the placement of the Yum Button & adjust location of HTML code based on your preferred Yum Button placement on your site.


Why add the Yum Button to my site?

Visitors to your site want an easy way to save, organize and share recipes in a central recipe box. As the owner of a recipe site you more people discovering & sharing your recipes. The Yum Button enables both of these goals by allowing visitors to save, collect, & share your recipe to the Yummly Recipe box while also exposing your recipe to over 15 million users each month on Yummly.com.

When a user discovers one of your recipes on Yummly we always send them to your site for the full recipe directions! The more Yums a recipe has, the more prominently it will be featured around the site and shown in recipe search results

What is the little number that appears next to my Yum button?

The number that appears next to the Yum button on your site is how many users have Yummed your recipe. This is an indication of popularity similar to the Facebook Like button.

Which pages on my site should I add the Yum button?

We recommend adding the Yum button on every page that features a recipe. The best thing to do is to add the Yum Button HTML code into your template if you're a blogger or near the recipe image for general recipe sites. For further details select the type of recipe site from the choices shown above and we'll provide additional details on added the HTML code.

What happens when users click the Yum button?

When someone clicks on the Yum button the recipe will be saved into their Yummly recipe box. If they are not currently signed into Yummly they will be asked to sign in or register. We’ll then show them a confirmation that the recipe has been saved. The user will remain on your site during the entire process & is then able to continue exploring your site.