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A Yummly Smart Thermometer Makes a Very Merry Black Friday

So many reasons the Yummly Smart Thermometer should be at the top of your Black Friday shopping list

Fun fact: Black Friday originally got its name in recognition of the fact that so many workers refused to show up to work the day after Thanksgiving, preferring instead to make a long weekend out of the end of the Thanksgiving week. Now, in a nifty bit of consumer jujitsu, it has been adopted as the official start of the holiday gift-shopping season: a time to line up for door-busters and observe that most American of pastimes, hunting for bargains! 

If you’re embracing Black Friday with a little early holiday shopping for yourself or for your loved ones (aw shucks!), I've got just the thing for you to consider: the Yummly Smart Thermometer. It's now at its lowest price of the year, $89.99, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons to purchase Yummly’s totally wireless smart thermometer.

More reasons to buy the Yummly Smart Thermometer

Besides grabbing a discount on the Yummly Smart Thermometer, there are SO. MANY. REASONS. to consider this clever kitchen gadget right now.

1. It takes the stress out of big holiday meals

It can be agonizing to be responsible for a special meal for a large group. With the Yummly Smart Thermometer, you can offload a bit of that anxiety, since you’ll be able to monitor the progress of your holiday roast from the screen of your smartphone. The Yummly app tells you the internal temperature of whatever you’re cooking and alerts you with notifications when your dinner is ready to serve. Add the Yummly Smart Thermometer to your kitchen arsenal on Black Friday and you have one less thing to worry about!

2. It guarantees that everything will be cooked right

Photograph by Olga Ivanova

Your holiday turkey needs to be cooked through; your holiday prime rib should be medium-rare; those thick porterhouse steaks should be pulled from the heat when they’ve reached your dinner-guests’ preferred doneness, whether it’s black and blue or medium well. Get the Yummly Smart Thermometer for yourself (or whoever’s tending the grill) and you’ll know that everyone will get their food the way they like it. You can even monitor multiple thermometers from the same app, so everybody gets the meal they want. 

3. It gives you more time to spend with your loved ones

When you’re making dinner, it can sometimes feel like you’re chained to the kitchen, so you can monitor your cooking first hand and solve any cooking problems before they arise. With Bluetooth connectivity, the Yummly Smart Thermometer gives you freedom to roam while dinner cooks. The Yummly app will notify you when you need to take action, so you don’t have to stay in the kitchen. 

4. It’s a kitchen tool and culinary mentor all in one

Photograph by Olga Ivanova

The Yummly Smart Thermometer is integrated into the Yummly app, which is loaded with dozens of cooking programs for all sorts of different meats — from lamb to salmon and everything in between. Plus, the Yummly app gives you easy, searchable access to millions of recipes and lots of awesome cooking content. So by taking advantage of this Black Friday offer you’ll not only acquire a thermometer, you’ll gain access to a compendium of cooking knowledge, recipes, and techniques all integrated with the smart thermometer.

5. It’s totally wireless and really neat-o

I mean, it really is gee-whiz future-is-now indistinguishable-from-magic cooking technology. Why not time travel into the future of cooking and save a few bucks in the process?

6. Like a calendar or to-do list, the Yummly Smart Thermometer also helps draw meaning from chaos

What could be more chaotic than the process of making dinner? Convection waves of heat obeying inscrutable thermodynamic laws; flavors passing like magic from ingredient to ingredient in the crucible of the oven or grill or smoker. What better tool than a smart thermometer to cut through the noise and give clear guidance and meaning, all via smartphone notifications. 

Purchasing a Yummly Smart Thermometer, whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one, is the best way to observe this beloved shopping holiday. Wishing you and yours a very merry Black Friday!