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If you're looking for delicious ways to make fish a weeknight dinner, you've clicked all the right links. From blackened mahi-mahi on the grill to salmon fillets en papillote (a fancy French method), there's a quick and easy fish recipe to suit any taste and cooking experience level.

Baked Fish

Baked fish can come in many different flavors and textures. If you're working with trout and you have 20 minutes, we have a recipe for you that pairs well with broccoli. If you're thinking tilapia…

5-ingredient garlic parmesan tilapia is ready in 15 minutes. If you want something with Asian flavor, Korean grilled mackerel takes a bit more time to prepare, but it's worth it.

Fried Fish

If you want fried fish, there are literally thousands of ways to get it on the table. Catfish and cornmeal go hand-in-hand when you're talking fried fish — with or without hushpuppies, we have more than a few recipes to get this Southern staple right. If pub food tickles your fancy, beer-battered cod requires a little bit of dipping, a whole lot of frying, and about a half-hour to have dinner ready. But of course, the are oven-fried fish recipes and pan-fried fish recipes to explore as well.


Grilled fish is one of the healthiest ways to get animal protein in your diet — it's one of the main protein sources for the Mediterranean diet. There are dozens of recipes that call for throwing fish on the grill and serving it with a lemon wedge and broccoli, but if that scares you, you can wrap your halibut or salmon in aluminum for a fantastic foil packet dinner. Cut your fish in chunks for salmon kebabs to serve with salad for an easy dinner. If that's too simple for you, you can always pack your grilled fish in a corn tortilla with Mexican slaw and avocado-sour cream sauce for a festive spread. However you want to serve your grilled fish, we have a recipe for you.


There are few better palatable partners than lemon and fish. Most of the time, the lemon ends up as a wedge on the plate, but there are many fish dishes that incorporate lemon in the recipe. Lemon juice is what balances out the richness of fish and it's how butter-poached fish gets its flavor, but it's the star of fish piccata. The ideas don't end with piccata — there are thousands of ways to mix lemon with fish on Yummly.


How many ways can you cook cod? Thousands! If you're in the mood for soup, cod makes a great chowder. If healthy is where you're headed, a veggie cod skillet might be the answer to your dinner dilemma. Make it smoky with paprika and cumin or saute it and drizzle it with pea cream. There are many inventive ideas for making a meal out of cod.

Fish Tacos

In my opinion, there's no better way to serve fish than as a fish taco. Grilled with mango salsa or battered and deep-fried served with chili lime sauce — mix and match methods and sauces for the perfect combination for every palate.


If you have the opportunity to get whole fresh fish, buy first and find recipes later! We have so many recipes, you don't have to worry about not knowing what to do with it when you bring it home. Thai-style steamed whole fish takes 20 minutes to prepare. For something garlicky, baked whole fish in chili sauce comes together in about an hour. You can even grill a whole fish wrapped in a banana leaf. If that takes too much work and time, whole fish cooked in a pressure cooker can be done in ten minutes.


Classic fish and chips can easily be executed at home, whether or not you own a deep fryer. Pan fried or oven baked. Tartar sauce or malt vinegar. Whatever method you use and flavorings you like, you can find the best fish recipes on Yummly to get this British dish on the table.


Fish and sauce can mean many things. You can find recipes for lemon butter sauce for salmon recipes, tartar sauce for a fried white fish sandwich, or actual fish sauce to make Asian dishes like pad thai or Thai basil chicken.


Foil is a crutch many cooks lean on to make fish — there's no shame in using foil packets to bake or grill your fish fillets! You can even pile in some quick-cooking vegetables and drizzle them with olive oil for a complete foil packet dinner.

However you want to cook your fish, you can find a recipe for it on Yummly. From buttery garlic-lime salmon to Chinese steamed bass, there are thousands of recipes to explore on Yummly.

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