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Rice is such a versatile ingredient that almost everyone usually has in their pantries. Because of the different ways it can be cooked, rice is also something that most people can enjoy in one way or another, making it the perfect side dish. Whether it’s sweet rice to go with a Chinese dish, or something spicy to go with shrimp or jambalaya, rice is a flexible grain that makes a great accompaniment to almost any protein or flavor. There are different types of rice, from white to brown rice and…

long grain varieties, and which one you use depends on the recipe and your ideal flavor. Here are some easy rice recipe ideas that are available on Yummly:

Fried Rice Recipes

One of the most popular ways to cook and serve rice is by “frying," which is a popular Asian style of cooking rice. This isn’t fried in the traditional sense of the word (e.g. in a fryer), but rather in a large skillet or wok that is heated to a high temperature. If you have the right pan, it’s easy to cook some fried brown or white rice with some vegetables, like peas and carrots. Add a sauce and protein and it makes a complete meal. Chicken fried rice is by far the most common recipe variation of this dish, but it can also be made with steak, shrimp, pork, or even tofu.

Steamed and Cooked Rice Recipes

Steamed or cooked rice is often a healthy alternative to fried rice and is much easier to make at home if you don’t have a wok. You can make steamed rice in an Instant Pot or other pressure or rice cooker. If that’s not possible, try boiling rice on a stove with the right amount of water and butter. After the rice is cooked, you can stir in a sauce, additional seasonings, or just serve it as is.

Steamed rice makes a healthy substitute for fried rice in a Chinese dish, or it can be a side to a meat entree, like pork chops or chicken breasts. It’s easy to create variety for your rice by adding garlic, lemon juice, or butter.

Spanish and Mexican Rice Recipes

Rice is also almost always served with Mexican or Spanish dishes. To get its reddish or golden color, most Mexican rice recipes require the addition of tomato sauce, vegetable stock or chicken broth, and a variety of different spices. Many cooks also like to add cilantro, lime, or other strong flavors to their Mexican rice as they are cooking it. This flavor of rice allows you to vary the flavors in order to make it taste best with the other dishes that are being served.

Rice Casserole Recipes

While rice is most popular as a side dish, there are also tons of great and easy rice casserole recipes that can be put together quickly then placed into the oven. Cheesy rice casserole is always a hit with adults and children alike, or even a one-pot recipe for garlic chicken and rice is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

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