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Your personal mealtime assistant

Yummly is the ultimate app to simplify cooking homemade, with personalized recipe inspiration, organization, and planning all in one place.
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Your personal mealtime assistantYour personal mealtime assistant
Yummly recipe personalization


We cater to your tastes and dietary preferences

  • Easily set and edit your preferences, including diets and favorite cuisines
  • Get personalized recipe recommendations in your home feed
  • Use advanced search filters to home in on the exact recipes you want
Yummly meal scheduling and cooking reminders


Let us help you clear your plate with meal scheduling and cooking reminders
  • Quickly schedule recipes for one day or a whole week
  • Get calendar alerts when it’s time to cook
  • Check detailed nutrition info for each recipe, so you know which dishes fit your health goals
Yummly Meal Planner and virtual cookbook
Add Ingredients


Keep your personal virtual cookbook and Meal Planner in one place with Yummly
  • Stay organized — save recipes from anywhere to your private collections
  • Create or add personal recipes
  • Effortlessly generate one-click shopping lists, and they’ll automatically sync across your devices

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