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We've all been there. You get home from work and still have a million things to do. Busy weeknights can be hard. Yummly has easy weeknight dinner recipes that take no time at all! Our easy sheet pan meals will have you rocking your dinner plans with ease. Search through thousands of free recipes from juicy pork chops to honey mustard chicken, or even sheet pan honey.

Sheet Pan Meal Prep Recipes

Meal prepping doesn't have to be a hassle. You can make the process a whole lot less complicat…

d if you can toss your whole meal onto a baking sheet, bake it, and then divide it into your meal prep containers. In less than 30 minutes, you can have easy dinners every night of the week with zero prep time. Whether you're in the mood for seafood, chicken, vegetables, or all of the above, you'll find exactly what you crave with Yummly. You can make them low carb, low fat, low sodium, or tailor them in whatever way you want. We have sheet pan recipes for the whole family's wide variety of tastes, styles, and diets. These easy dinners are tasty, delicious, and a breeze to clean!

Sheet Pan Breakfast Recipes

It seems like everyone, it turns out, loves sheet pan suppers because they're super convenient and can feed huge crowds. But just because these time-saving easy recipes are most often relegated to dinner foods doesn't mean that's all they have to ever be. Bring out that baking sheet for breakfast and bake your crowd up a fruit crumble on those chilly mornings when cold fruit just doesn't cut it. Nothing beats lightly sweetened roasted fruit with a buttery oat and nut topping. When you cook the crumble on a sheet pan, you get the best of both worlds- lots of soft, gooey fruit with crisp, crunchy topping.

Unless you're a short-order cook with a massive grill, cooking eggs for a huge crowd can be a pain. Make it easy on yourself with frittata-style eggs on a sheet pan. Toss your favorite vegetables, breakfast meats and cheeses in with a lot of eggs and spread them on a sheet pan to bake. Fancy quiche instead? Quiche? In a sheet pan? You betcha! Roll out your frozen puff pastry, your vegetable spread, cheese, and eggs, and you'll have yourself a slab quiche in no time!

Have a hankering for some pancakes but hate the time and effort it takes to make them? Sheet pan pancakes are definitely a thing and will change your life because they are ridiculously easy to make. You may even kick yourself with how much time you used to spend standing over the hot stove flipping pancakes just to have everybody eat at different times for fear of them getting cold. With sheet pan pancakes, just sprinkle the batter with berries, chocolate chips, bacon, or anything else you're fond of and slide the baking sheet in the oven. When they're fully cooked after about ten to fourteen minutes, remove them from the oven and let them cool for about five minutes. Once they have cooled, slice them into squares or have some fun with some cookie cutters.

Sheet Pan Lunch Recipes

Fancy a pizza for lunch? Try going the healthy route and making it homemade. The easiest way to do this is on a sheet pan. Using a pre-made dough will cut down on your prep time, but if you'd like to shoot for the healthiest option possible or need something gluten-free, try making the crust out of cauliflower. The best part is that you get to add all the ingredients you want and leave off whatever you hate without having to compromise or pay extra like you would have to do if you ordered a pizza. Are you a vegetarian? Toss on all the veggies! Meat-eater? Don't skimp on the meat.

Looking for a fast lunch with zero effort involved? Bake your mac and cheese on a sheet pan and let the oven do all the work while you get rest during your lunch break! You'll definitely enjoy the crispy breadcrumb topping spread evenly over the gooey cheesiness when you broil it on a baking sheet instead of baking it in a baking dish.

Are you tasked with making lunch for a large crowd? Instead of making sandwich after sandwich after sandwich right after another, use one sheet pan and bake them all at the same time. On a cold winter day, everybody will enjoy a hot turkey Monte Cristo sandwich. It's the perfect balanced relationship between French Toast and Grilled Cheese. This deliciously sweet and savory sandwich combines, turkey, cheddar, and cranberry sauce for a Thanksgiving on a sandwich kind of feeling.

Sheet Pan Dinner Recipes

Sheet pan dinners are probably the fastest, easiest dinners you could possibly make. Whether you're in the mood for meatloaf, roast chicken, or pork tenderloin, you can make it easily on a sheet pan. Make your dinners healthy by adding some sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, bell peppers, and green beans, to your dish. Have some chicken breasts or chicken thighs on hand? Put a chicken sheet pan dinner on the menu. Season your roasted chicken with some dijon mustard or soy sauce and pair it with some roasted potatoes. Your family will love any sheet pan chicken recipe you make! Try sheet pan chicken fajitas or sheet pan salmon! You can't go wrong with any idea you come up with. And since the total time from prepping dinner to cleaning up will take you no time at all, sheet pan suppers will likely become your go-to recipes for easy dinners.

Sheet Pan Pro Tips

The kind of sheet pan you use matters. The standard size you use should be 13x18". If you try using a cookie sheet to bake your sheet pan dinner recipes in, they likely won't come out at all because there won't be enough space on the sheet to let all your ingredients cook through. You might be tempted to buy nonstick options, but you'd be hurting yourself in the long run. The best sheet pans are made of heavy-duty uncoated aluminized steel, which will develop a beautiful coating the longer you use it. They'll stay flat and give a nice browning over everything you cook on them over the span of your life. They just don't get old.

Pair meat and vegetables that have similar cook times. If you set up proteins and vegetables that need to be cooked at different temperatures and finish cooking at completely different speeds, you're bound to end up with burnt vegetables next to your perfectly cooked chicken or raw chicken next to your perfectly cooked veggies, which is a perfect way to get sent to your primary care physician. Green beans pair great with fish; carrots work well with chicken. Do a little research before you play matchmaker with your dinner foods. There are definitely ways to cook things that don't pair well cook-time-wise. Just because two things cook at different rates does not mean you can't cook them together on the sheet pan- just add them and take them away at different stages in the cooking process as many times as you want. If you feel like fish and potatoes, just roast the potatoes until they're almost done and then slide the fish on top and continue roasting until the fish is cooked through all the way and your potatoes are perfectly roasted.

With sheet pan recipes, anything goes. You're allowed to season each element differently or spice everything the same. Just because they're on the same dish does not mean everything has to taste exactly the same. Have your meat coated in a sauce but keep your vegetables dry, or vice versa. Anything you want to try is fair game, but know when to mix, when to layer, and when to separate. With sheet pan cooking, how you place each element on the pan matters. Vegetables need to be tossed halfway through roasting, so if you're cooking them alongside a fish that definitely does not need to be tossed, keep them on separate sides of the pan so you can toss one without disturbing the other. If you're cooking something that does not need to be tossed at all, mix all your ingredients together in an even layer so they'll roast perfectly at the same time. If you're roasting juicy somethings in the oven like citrus slices, make sure they're placed over something that will benefit from the juices, like a salmon filet that could dry out otherwise.

Use an oven-proof wire cooling rack inside of your baking dish to layer foods or allow a certain dish to crisp as the air circulates around it. Don't be afraid to utilize two sheet pans to accommodate a larger crowd. There's no need to torture yourself trying to fit everything on one when two will give you greater control and freedom. Also, think beyond being able to eat every element you roast in your sheet pan. Use it to transform part of your meal into a sauce. Don't be afraid to branch out and roast salsa ingredients next to your chicken. When you need a bit of extra browning or crisping, turn your broiler on at the end of the roasting time to blast your food until you reach your desired level of crispiness. And don't forget to add raw ingredients to your dish at the end to keep your meal fresh and fun.

Sheet Pan Cook Times

Remember that dark meat takes longer to cook than white meat and chicken on the bone takes longer to cook than boneless chicken. Timing can vary when cooking poultry, from 5 minutes for chicken tenders to over an hour and a half for bone-in turkey legs.

Depending on your oven temperature, fish filets will cook in five to fifteen minutes on a sheet pan, while cooking a whole fish can take anywhere from ten to forty five minutes. Under the broiler, shrimp will cook in as little as two minutes, but the more you add on the sheet pan, the longer it will take for them to cook through. If you cook them on a low temperature, it could take up to 15 minutes to cook. Peeled shrimp will take 5-8 minutes in a 400-degree oven.

Big chunks of pork should be cooked on oven-safe wire racks that you fit into your sheet pan, so they don't get soggy or stick on the bottom of the pan during their long cook time. Smaller pieces, such as filets, steaks, chops, and kebabs, can go straight on the pan. When you want the char of the grill without having to use the grill, place the meat directly under the broiler in the oven. If you're hosting a huge crowd, try sheet pan sausages rather than pan frying them as you can fit many of them on one pan. Arrange the sausages one inch apart on the pan, drizzle them with olive oil, and broil.

Vegetables are a great choice to bake or broil on a sheet pan. When cooking vegetables in the oven, make sure to cook more than you think you'll need since they cook down significantly under high temperatures. Always cut the vegetables consistently so they all cook evenly. Coat them with oil or fat and herbs and spices and give them plenty of space on the pan, as overcrowding will cause them to be undercooked. Dense vegetables like butternut squash, radishes, and potatoes will take the longest to cook. Depending on oven temperatures and size of the chunks you cut, they could take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours to cook thoroughly. Vegetables with a higher water content like zucchini and tomatoes will take less time to cook. Typically, they will take from ten to forty-five minutes, unless you are looking to caramelize them. Caramelizing vegetables takes longer because the moisture needs to evaporate before browning can occur, but roasting them at a higher temperature, say 425 to 450 degrees, can speed up the process. Leafy vegetables like bok choy, kale, broccoli, and chard will cook the fastest. They can be done in as little as three minutes to no more than ten minutes. If the leaves are completely dry, they will turn brown and crisp. If you use enough oil, you can turn chard and kale into chips. As they cook, they become brittle and crisp.

No matter what meal of the day or what kind of food mood you're in, sheet pan dinners can be the solution to that dreaded, "What's for dinner?" question. Search Yummly's thousands of easy recipes to find what that satisfying solution to fit your craving.

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