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Explore Mexican cuisine with Yummly! If you're craving Mexican food, odds are there's a Mexican recipe to fit your pallet! Incorporating an appetizer, main dish or even a Mexican dessert can be the missing ingredient to a fantastic meal.

Mexican Appetizer Recipes

There's no better way to kick off a fiesta than with homemade salsa. Tomatillo salsa combines large tomatillos, lime juice, and jalapeno to give your salsa the perfect amount of kick. With tomatillo salsa naturally comes tortilla c…

ips. You can't have tomatillo salsa without tortilla chips. Remember the rule of thumb, no double dipping!

While we're on the topic of dipping, making a bean dip is also an excellent option for appetizers to pair with your tomatillo salsa and tortilla chips. It will be cost effective also since you'll be utilizing the same tortilla chips you're using with your tomatillo salsa. There are many combinations of bean dip out there but most include refried beans as a base, and green chiles provide the necessary heat. If you don't care for heat, use some mild green chiles.

Another great Mexican recipe is pico de gallo which is another form of Mexican salsa. Not only is pico de gallo delicious, but it's also very easy to make. Like our tomatillo salsa, the hardest prep step is chopping the tomatoes, red onions, jalapeno, and cilantro!

Looking for heavier appetizers? Both our tomatillo salsa and pico de gallo can be used as condiments and go great on top of a piece of grilled chicken or mini-tacos.

Mexican Main Course Recipes

Tacos have to come first, right? Let's start with our tortillas. Corn tortillas and flour tortillas are the two main types. There are a couple of main differences between the two you should note before making your choice. Corn tortillas have a more firm and chewy texture with a flavor of toasted corn. You can use corn tortillas for traditional tacos, or fry them to use at tortilla chips with your tomatillo salsa or pico de gallo. Flour tortillas have a sweeter flavor and are great for use in tacos, burritos and chicken enchiladas.

Let's talk taco filling! Many proteins can be used as taco filling. Some example taco types are fish tacos, chicken tacos, shrimp tacos, and pork tacos. These can be created in different ways too — for example, shredded chicken tacos or fried fish tacos. The options are endless! Are you looking to add an extra punch to your tacos? You can use your tomatillo salsa and pico de gallo you made earlier as a topping or condiment or a dollop of sour cream.

Another authentic Mexican food is chicken enchiladas. This dish is hearty and sure to fill up whoever is partaking! Chicken enchiladas are made with three main parts; enchilada sauce, chicken and the enchilada itself. An enchilada is a corn tortilla rolled and stuffed with cheese. Chicken enchiladas add shredded chicken to that recipe. Authentic Mexican chicken enchiladas will top theirs with mole sauce.

Mexican Side Dish Recipes

To go along with your main dishes, it's always good to pair with some traditional Mexican style side dishes.

Black Bean Soup

This simple soup is a crowd pleaser and provides a little bit of a kick to your meal. Based on black beans, you'll create a simple soup base, and add in your black beans. You'll mince a few jalapenos for spice, and you'll have your soup ready to eat.

Cilantro Lime Rice

Another simple side dish to pair with your main courses is cilantro lime rice. Cooking your basmati rice perfectly, you'll merely fold in chopped cilantro and the juice from 2 limes, and you'll have a spectacular (and easy) side.

Frijoles Borrachos

Another bean based side, Frijoles Barrachos utilizes pinto beans instead of black beans. This recipe utilizes a few more ingredients than the others, but in essence, you're simmering your pinto beans in dark beer and bacon. Who can beat that?

Mexican Dessert Recipes

Your Mexican fiesta wouldn't be complete without some traditional Mexican desserts! Below are a few traditional Mexican desserts surely to bring a smile to your face.

Tres Leches Cake

One of the more traditional Mexican dishes for dessert, tres leches cake is a very light cake soaked in a sweet milk mixture. While you can customize this dessert any way you'd like, it is traditionally topped with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon. The cake itself is similar to an angel food cake with its light texture.

Once you complete the baking of the cake, holes are poked throughout the cake, and three different types of milk are poured over it; top-evaporated milk sweetened condensed milk and whole milk. That's how the name Tres Leche came to be, three milk!

Caramel Flan

Caramel flan is a creamy custard dessert that is extremely popular all over Latin America. Flan is often thought of as a difficult dessert to make, but it's very simple and delicious. There are many versions of caramel flan, and they can be customized according to taste, but the basic recipe only calls for five ingredients! Which are sugar, eggs, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and vanilla.

Mexican Ice Cream

Before you say "Ice cream? I want actually to make something!" Let me stop you and say that this isn't your average ice cream recipe. Mexican ice cream is the task of frying ice cream. Yes, deep fried ice cream! This recipe is something that will knock your socks off. How do you deep fry ice cream? To start, take some vanilla ice cream and shape the scoops into about 3 inch balls. Freeze them for an hour. You'll then roll the ice cream balls in a mixture of cornflakes and cinnamon and return them to the freezer overnight. Now comes the fun part! When you're ready to serve your Mexican ice cream, heat some oil to 375 degrees, drop a scoop in for 8-10 seconds and serve immediately! You'll have a warm fried outside, with a delicious cold vanilla ice cream center.

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