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It's easy to see why the Instant Pot has become a necessary kitchen appliance for most households.

This nifty electric pressure cooker is extremely versatile and user-friendly. With one touch you can utilize it as a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a yogurt maker, or even for sous vide (for those with the Instant Pot Max). You can use the saute function to saute aromatics or make short order of tough cuts of meat with the meat/stew button. You can even use the Instant Pot as a cake maker. Its mult…

-use allows you to eliminate several kitchen appliances (such as a rice cooker and slow cooker) in exchange for convenience and counter space!

Perhaps best of all, the Instant Pot requires no babysitting as it's a self-regulating, programmable pressure cooker. Just add your ingredients, tap a button, and walk away. After all, time and energy are better spent enjoying a meal rather than cooking one!

With the Instant Pot, you can effortlessly present healthy, tasty dishes on your table faster than ordering delivery. By pressure cooking your food, you're able to reduce cook time while infusing your foods with delectable flavors in a way that traditional methods are unable to match.

Regardless of what you plan on cooking with your Instant Pot, you can rest assured that Yummly has you covered. So throw away that Instant Pot cookbook and take a look below to find Instant Pot recipes that will transform your food preparation and overall dining experience.

Instant Pot Poultry & Meat

Mastering the preparation of chicken and meat has never been easier thanks to the Instant Pot! Whether you want to expedite the preparation of simple ground beef or chicken (hint: use ground meat in an Instant Pot chili or beef stew!), or you intend on preparing a tender and juicy roast, the Instant Pot has you covered! You can achieve that slow-cooked, braised flavor while significantly cutting back on cooking time. Even better, you can save money by opting for more affordable cuts of meat (such as chuck roast or brisket) since these notoriously tough cuts turn out unbelievably tender after being cooked under high pressure!

Poultry remains a staple in most homes whether for convenience, budget or diet adherence! With the Instant Pot, you can do frozen chicken breasts, chicken thighs, or even a whole chicken in record time without rubbery results. If you want to keep things simple when doing a whole Instant Pot Chicken, season it as you would normally, place the chicken on the trivet, and fill your Instant Pot with a cup of water or chicken broth. Cook time will depend on the weight of the chicken - you'll want to add six minutes of cooking per pound of chicken. When cooking is finished, you'll want to do a natural release for 15 minutes before doing a quick release. Whether you prefer your chicken whole, shredded or in between, you will encounter countless prep ideas and chicken recipes to expand your food repertoire and delight your taste buds!

Instant Pot Soups and Stews

Picture this: it's an icy winter day, and you're hibernating under a warm blanket with no plans to venture outside. You're cozying up to a captivating book or a riveting film alongside a hot tea when you feel a rumble in your stomach. You certainly don't wish to spend time or energy over the stove with recipes that require ingredients you may not even have. You're certainly not heading outside! This is the perfect weather to enjoy a cheesy, comforting soup or a rich, hearty stew.

The Instant Pot provides countless options for soups and stews that can accommodate your available ingredients already within your cabinets. Soups are incredibly simple to prepare and often require very little cooking time to help you stay toasty and snug under your blanket. When you pop open the lid of your Instant Pot and experience the piping-hot promise of a hot bowl of soup or stew, you will feel instantly warmed with delight! Whether you prefer a light veggie soup, a smooth, creamy texture or a noodle-dense soup, you'll be thankful for this soup accelerator.

One important note to keep in mind is that when you cook Instant Pot soups, you should allow for a natural release for at least a few minutes to avoid liquids escaping the valves.

Instant Pot Rice

An essential component in Asian cuisine- rice- is such a versatile ingredient that it also makes for the perfect side across countless dishes.

While the Instant Pot doesn't possess microprocessor technology with the type of “fuzzy logic” that you would find in dedicated rice cookers, you can still achieve perfectly cooked, delicious rice. The benefits of using an Instant Pot to prepare rice is that it requires minimal fuss and attention - no more fiddling with the heat on your stove top or standing over to make sure you don't end up with burnt rice. Making rice in an Instant Pot is so easy that the push-button convenience might spoil you. Say goodbye to under and over-cooked rice and say hello to a fresh, light and nutritious side dish.

Vegetarian Instant Pot

Fancy luscious green broccoli or asparagus that's cooked to flavorful perfection? Pressure cooking allows you to essentially blanch your vegetables as you're able to use steam at high temperatures for a short duration of time to do your cooking. (After which you want to do a quick release on the steam release handle and run the vegetables under cold water to stop the cooking process). Cooking vegetables like this allow you to preserve color, flavor, and most importantly their vitamins and minerals.

If you prefer starchy vegetables like sweet potato, squash, or yam, you'll be happy to know that they can typically be made in half the time it takes to bake in the oven.

Of course, we understand that vegetarian meals don't just consist of eating vegetables. Grains, legumes, eggs, and tofu can all be easily made for a yummy vegetarian Instant Pot meal. Once you try making things like steel cut oats, beans, and hard-boiled eggs in your Instant Pot, you won't want to go back to more traditional methods.

Low Carb Instant Pot

Whether you prescribe to a keto diet or prefer to eat low carb, the secret to following and sticking with a healthy diet may not lie in what you eat, but how you prepare it!

If you prefer a low carb lifestyle, you will love the lean, mouthwatering dishes that the Instant Pot is capable of! In record time, you can produce a savory main course bursting in flavor. Your meats will taste as though they simmered all day, which will simplify your life without sacrificing taste. Hard-boiled eggs- a staple for low carb diets- cook perfectly and are even more accessible to peel! You can meal prep several items or dishes in advance for easy access to deliciously healthy dishes that align with your lifestyle.

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