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Eggs bind our favorite desserts and meat dishes, adding extra protein and fat to a meal. They are the star of the show at nearly every breakfast and brunch. They’re crowd pleasers on the holidays. They make delicate toppers to your favorite burgers and salads. There isn’t anything eggs can’t do. And what makes for great eggs is in the precision of how they are prepared. Treat yourself to one of these eggcellent dishes.

Egg Breakfast Recipes

Whether the goal is a hearty breakfast or melt-in-y…

ur-mouth late brunch, eggs are a perfect way to start the day. We’ve probably all had them scrambled or even sunny-side up next to a small potato side, grits or biscuit, perhaps a slab of ham or bacon.

Ever considered a soft-boiled egg served halved with a lightly dressed arugula salad? It’s about the balance of green bitters with the clingy savor of the yolk that brings a meal like that together. Don’t worry if you’re feeling lazy! Breakfast casseroles offer the convenience of one-dish cooking with coming jam-packed with sausage, potatoes, and peppers to kick up the morning! Pack it all in there, bake it, and enjoy it warm. (A little drizzle of maple syrup to dip each bite in isn’t a bad way to go.)

The eggy fun doesn’t have to stop there, though. One of the most satisfying ways to start the day is with eggs benedict atop an English muffin. There are several ways to accomplish the perfect eggs benedict. With a drizzle of hollandaise sauce and greens, this dish can be combined with any number of ingredients to pay homage to cuisine around the world.

Egg Lunch Recipes

Eggs aren’t always favored around lunchtime, and the reasons seem petty. Any true egg lovers would consider eggs all day long. Not only do “breakfast” meals work any time of day you want - who’s going to stop you from having breakfast at 3 p.m.? - but eggs in the middle of the day mean lunches jam-packed full of protein to help you keep going! No more mid-day crash with these guys on your side.

Hard-boiled eggs are perfect for meal-preppers and on-the-go busy eaters. They’re easy to make, travel size, and come contained in their own packaging! With a sprinkling of salt and paprika or made into deliciously creamy deviled eggs, hard-boiled eggs are the way to go. And if eating hard-boiled eggs those ways doesn’t sound too appealing, one eggy pastime for some families is the egg salad sandwich. Served on your favorite toasted bread with or without greens can make packing a lunch a breeze.

Consider the possibilities when lunchtime isn’t reserved for only hard-boiling eggs. Break out the ramekins you never use quite enough to justify the purchase and taste the wonder of creamy shirred eggs - their custard-like texture is sure to be a hit!

Egg Dinner Recipes

When eggs play a part in the last meal of the day, they either upstage the star or compliment them. It’s not their fault they’re so delicious! They’re just doing what eggs do.

Imagine your favorite burger - juicy, cooked to perfection, topped with some simple ingredients that bring out the flavor. Now imagine a slightly runny over-easy egg elevating every bite of that already fantastic burger. Are you hooked yet? Eggs love to be part of a classic meal like burgers and fries. And if the fries are truffle fries, now you’re talking about a meal exploding with flavor!

Quiches need eggs to hold it together and give the meal the added savor to push it over the top. Spinach quiche is a simple way to incorporate eggs as the main player of a dish without having to call it by name. With a flaky crust and soft middle, each bite is as welcoming as the next. Adding salty meat and cheese to the dish can bring out the flavor of the spinach and eggs, as well!

Are you looking for something else? Take a page out of Asia’s robust recipe book and consider hot sour soup or egg drop soup as a main or side dish to an exotic meal. Whatever you do, you’re bound to win if you include eggs.

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